Ray Williams — Photographer and Tutor,     
Ray Williams Photography Services (RWPS)

Ray is an experienced photographer with more than 30 years in the commercial and public photographic space. He has also tutored for 20 years in both photography and IT services.
Ray has an impressive worldwide client list including BT, British Home Stores and Argos in the UK and NRMA, ARA, Commonwealth Bank, Rams Home Loans, Subway Restaurants in Australia. His regular clients include advertising agencies, Restaurants and design companies.
Ray is also regularly commissioned as a wedding photographer, providing a dynamic blend of creativity and the best in traditional and contemporary photography, along with Videography alliances.
With a love of photography and a passion for his work, Ray is happy to share his knowledge and skills with photography students throughout Sydney. As a result, he was recently honoured by the Rotary Organisation with an award for his contribution to education.
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