Ray Williams BSc.
(Computer Science & Business Science)
Photographer, Tutor and Photography Ambassador.

Ray Williams Photography Services (RWPS)

Ray brings a wealth of experience, amassing over 35 years in the commercial and public photography sector. His skill set is diverse, having collaborated with globally recognized clients such as BT, British Home Stores, and Argos in the UK, along with NRMA, ARA, Commonwealth Bank, Rams Home Loans, and Subway Restaurants in Australia.
His clients span across advertising agencies, restaurants, and design firms, showcasing his adaptability to a broad range of photographic needs. Ray's portfolio harmoniously merges classical and contemporary photographic styles, enabling him to offer a dynamic fusion of creativity and technical expertise to his clients. Furthermore, he has expanded his expertise into the realm of IT services, further enhancing his skills.
In addition to his commercial photography work, Ray is frequently sought after as a wedding photographer. His wedding photography services blend both traditional and contemporary approaches, capturing the essence of couples' special days in a visually captivating manner. Ray has also forged partnerships with videographers, broadening his services to include videography.
Despite a demanding schedule, Ray's passion for photography remains unwavering. He finds great satisfaction in sharing his knowledge and expertise with budding photographers in Sydney. His commitment to education earned him recognition from the Rotary Organization, which honored him with an award for his substantial contributions to the field. Additionally, Ray has recently become a Judge for the Federation of Camera Clubs (FCC).
In summary, Ray's extensive experience, impressive client portfolio, and dedication to sharing his expertise have firmly established him as a highly respected and sought-after figure in both the commercial and educational realms of photography.
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